About AcomputerdogMC

AcomputerdogMC is a small community PvE server. We accept anyone as long as you are willing to participate in server projects and play maturely. We also try to keep moderation limited but effective, so while mods spend most of their time playing as normal players they do respond to and deal with problems before they have time to grow. We usually use Minecraft chat to communicate, however we do have a TeamSpeak server available on the TeamSpeak page. The main server address is, and our test server is located at

History of AcomputerdogMC

AcomputerdogMC is a series of Minecraft servers that goes back several years. The first AcomputerdogMC was hosted on a home internet connection on an old desktop computer. That server was terribly laggy, but it created the community that would go on to create the second AcomputerdogMC. The second server was much better than the first: a rented VPS. This one had no problems with lag, however the cost became high once the server shrank and less people were chipping in to the costs. Eventually we were forced to end service and set up the third and current server. Currently, AcomputerdogMC runs on an old server donated by one member and hosted by another. This one, while old, can keep up with the demands of Minecraft without any cost. Due to the free hosting we do limit the network bandwidth used by the server, but under normal usage this does not become an issue.


Rules (see rules page for more detail)