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January 12, 2017

We are now on Minecraft 1.11.2! This update doesn't really change much, so you shouldn't see any differences in the base game. There is however, a huge change to the server plugins. We have a completely new warps plugin! The old simple plugin, called SmallWarps, has been replaced with a new systen called BigWarps (I know, I suck at names). But this new plugin allows players to create custom warp points (like the system from the 1st and 2nd AcomputerdogMCs), and these warps can be made public for other players to use! You can use "/help BigWarps" in game for a full list of commands, but here are the basics here. To return to your bed (like the previous /home command), use /bed. To warp to a location, use /warp <name>. Warps can be managed with /mkwarp <name>, /rmwarp <name>, and /mkpublic <name>. /back works as before.

Enjoy the plugin!