AcomputerdogMC plugins


SmallWarps is a lightweight plugin proving basic teleportation functions. It allows players to warp to spawn, their home bed, to their last death location, and to other players.


PetsPlus changes the behavior of wolves to make them harder to accidentally kill. All tamed wolves are immune to explosion damage, and tamed wolves cannot be hurt by their owner unless they are sitting. This way they can be led into fights without the owner worrying about hitting them while attacking a mob. If, for some reason, the owner wants to kill a wolf they simply need to make them sit and then kill them like normal.


NamePings allows IRC-style username mention pings so that afk players can know when someone tries to talk to them. Anytime a player's name is mentioned in chat, that player will hear a "ding" alerting them to the message. Pings can also be sent directly by commands, and players can disable receiving pings if so desired.


Dynmap is an amazing plugin that generates a live-updated map of the server and players in it. The map can be accessed by going to the website and clicking "Live Map", or by browsing to Dynmap also allows players to access the server chat via a built in chat box, so offline players can talk to others who are still online.


MendAll forcibly applies the mending enchantment to your gear, either draining your EXP or fully repairing your mending gear, whichever comes first.


Provides rank badges and allows players to set their name color.